Social Feeds

The Social Feed widget allows you to pull in your department’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed. Because of Facebook’s updated security policy, there are extra authentication steps for setting up your Facebook feed.

Twitter Widget

To create a new Social Feed widget, navigate here: WordPress sidebar > Widgets > Add New > Social Feed (from the dropdown). When creating a new widget, add your internal name for the widget that will appear in the content builder in your pages.

  • Choose your type from the Social Feed Channel Select dropdown.
    • If you choose Facebook or Twitter from the dropdown: Under Social Feed Link, paste in the URL of your account. It should be a clean URL without extra URL parameters. Example:
    • If you choose Instagram from the dropdown: Under Instagram Username, type in the username of your account.
  • Choose the number of posts that you’d like to pull into your Facebook or Twitter widget. (If you are going to use a widget in a full-width block, then it will default to three posts side-by-side).
  • Check the box under Social Feed Show Photos to include images in your feed for Facebook and Twitter.

Social Feed

Facebook Authorization

Facebook now requires a higher level of security, so before you can add your Facebook feed to the widget you’ll first need to grant the “WakeForestAlumni” Facebook user admin privileges to your Facebook page. Once that is complete (or if you’re having issues with this task) you’ll need to reach out to us using the CER Web Request form for us to apply our access token. If you are uncomfortable with giving CER access to your account we can also send you instructions to create your own non-expiring access token.

Once your Social Feed editing is complete, you’ll need to click Publish in the right WordPress menu. Your new widget will be available in the widget dropdown in the content builder in your pages. If you are making a change to the content of an existing widget, then click Update in the right WordPress menu and your changes will appear on all pages containing the widget without further steps.