RSS Feeds

RSS FeedThe RSS Feed widget allows you to pull in blog posts from other Wake Forest blogs and any external blogs that may be relevant to your department.

To create a new Archives widget, navigate here: WordPress sidebar > Widgets > Add New > RSS Feed (from the dropdown). When creating a new widget, add your internal name for the widget that will appear in the content builder in your pages.

Internal Blogs

  • Under RSS Feed Title, enter the title you’d like visible above your widget.
  • RSS Location will let you choose between pulling in an Internal Wake Forest Blog or an External blog by clicking on the radio button.
  • If you choose an Internal blog ,you’ll then choose that Wake Forest website’s name from the dropdown.
  • You have three RSS Options. Check the box next to Headline, Excerpt and Publish Date if you’d like to see them in your feed.
  • Finally, choose the Number of Feed Items you’d like to pull.

Internal RSS

External Blogs

  • If you choose an External blog, you’ll then find or create an RSS feed URL and enter it into the RSS Feed URL box.

External RSS

Once your RSS Feed widget editing is complete, you’ll need to click Publish in the right WordPress menu. Your new widget will be available in the widget dropdown in the content builder in your pages. If you are making a change to the content of an existing widget, then click Update in the right WordPress menu and your changes will appear on all pages containing the widget without further steps.