Department Events

department event widgetThe Department Events widget’s purpose is to publish events that shouldn’t be on, our University Calendar.

If you have events that are not open to the general public or only for a specific audience, then it makes sense to use this widget instead of the more robust University Events Feed widget.

Department Events are different from Announcements because Department Events display a date and you can’t make them “sticky” like Announcements.

To begin building your Department Events widget you’ll need to create posts to populate the widget. Create the posts by navigating here: WordPress sidebar > Department Events and then click the Add New Department Event button.

Department Events

Begin by adding the title of your posting that will be displayed on the widget. Then under Date to publish to website choose the date on the date picker that you’d like to schedule the event to begin showing on your website.

date picker

Next, under Date to remove from website you will schedule when the event should be removed from your website. Department event start date will ensure that your events will be shown in the correct order since Date Display is an open text field, you can format your event’s displayed date in whatever way meets your needs.

Event dates

Your event can link to a Detail Page, an Internal Page or External Page. If you’d like for the event to link to a Detail Page then add your desired text under the Description field, an optional For More Information box is available that will be displayed in a highlighted box below your Description on the Detail Page. A Department Event Image is also an option and should be at least 970px wide, and will be displayed at the top of your Detail Page.

detail page

If you would like your event to link to an Internal Page (another page on your own site) or External Page (a page on another site) then choose that option from the dropdown and add your desired link.

External link

Now, click Publish on the left side of the post to publish or schedule your event. Now that you have at least one post for your Department Event widget to pull in you can now add the widget to a page.

Create Widget

To create a new Department Events widget, navigate here: WordPress sidebar > Widgets > Add New > Department Event (from the dropdown). When creating a new widget, add your internal name for the widget that will appear in the content builder in your pages.

Department widget creation

Widget Title is the publically displayed title for your widget and Number of events to show lets you choose the maximum number of posts you’d like to display in your widget. Note: As your posts expire (as set on Date to remove from website in your post) they will no longer be displayed on your widget.

Now click Publish in the right WordPress menu. Your new widget will be available in the widget dropdown in the content builder in your pages. If you are making a change to the content of an existing widget, then click Update in the right WordPress menu and your changes will appear on all pages containing the widget without further steps.