Below, key areas of the Dashboard are identified.


1. My Sites: If you have access to multiple sites, this area allows you to switch between them through My Sites.

2. “Your Site Name”: Where you toggle to the front end of your website. When logged in, you can click this link to toggle back to the dashboard when viewing your site.

3. Posts: Where the Posts of your Blog live.

4. Media: When images or PDFs are uploaded, they live under Media. They appear in the order they were uploaded, with most recent first.

5. Forms: Where you can build and administer your site’s Forms.

6. Pages: Where the Pages of your site live. Also, where you go to add new Pages and where you reorder your website’s Menu.

7. Widgets: Where you create and edit your website’s reusable Widgets.

8. Users: Where an administrator can add or remove users.

9. “Your Site Name” Settings: Where other settings live for indexing, caching, breadcrumbs, Footer and Blog Layout.