Page Title and URL

Your page or post title will be visible at the top of your page, except on homepages.

The title and URL of a page are related by default. When you initially type the title of your page, the page slug (used in the link/URL) is automatically created.

Page title

The page slug is the part after the site URL and slash. When the default page slug is created, all letters will be converted to lowercase, spaces will be replaced with dashes, and any special characters will be removed.

You can modify the page slug by clicking the Edit button next to it. When you’re finished editing, click OK. After you are done making your changes, don’t forget to click the Update button to update the post and save these changes.

edit slug

This is especially handy if, for example, your page title is very long, but you would like a URL that people can remember more easily. Your URL should only include letters, numbers, dashes, underscores or hyphens.

Keep in mind that only the page slug can be changed. You cannot change any other part of the URL.

NOTEIf you are going to modify the slug of your page, it is best to do so immediately upon creating the page. It is not advisable to change the slug (and therefore the URL) to your page after it has been published and likely linked elsewhere on your site. This will cause broken links to occur.