Box Width Image

The Box Width Image content type will allow you to add an image to your page that will be the full width of the block width you choose. It is available from the single width all the way down to thirds. There are also four caption options and the ability to have the image link to another page.

Block width images

To add a Box Width Image to your page, first add a new row to your page by clicking Add Row at the bottom of the page building area, or by clicking the plus sign between rows when hovering over already created content.

Then in your block, choose the radio button for Content and choose “Box Width Image” from the Content Select dropdown.

Box Width dropdown

Once you’ve chosen Box Width Image from the dropdown, you will see your content options. To choose your image, click the Add Image button and you will be taken to the Media Library interface. Your image will need to be at least 970px wide for single width images, 637px wide for 2/3 width images, and 600px for anything smaller (for full width stacked on mobile). Tips for sizing photos are available here.

A caption is available as an option. Enter your content in the Box Width Image Caption field and choose your caption location under Box Width Caption Location. “Center” will display as a large headline font centered over the image, “Left”, “Right” and “Below” displays the caption as a smaller font along the bottom with the image aligned according to the name.

The image can also link off to a new page when clicked. Just enter a full URL (with http://… etc.) under Box Width Image Link, then Box Width Image Link Location will let you choose if you’d like the link to open in the same tab (“Internal”) or in a new tab (“External”). It is recommended that your link open in the same tab for WFU properties and in a new tab for non-WFU properties.

Box Width image interface

If you would like to edit or change the image, hover over the image and click the pencil or X icons that appear.

Box Width interface filled

Once your content editing is complete, you’ll need to click Publish or Save Draft in the right WordPress menu. If you are making a change to already published content, then click Update in the right WordPress menu and your changes will appear live on the page.