Blog Options

This WordPress theme has a many Blog Options. These settings are for more advanced users. It can be accessed in the back-end WordPress dashboard sidebar by clicking “Your Site Name” Settings (#9 in this example):


Once in the Site Options interface, you’ll choose the third tab for Blog Options settings.

Blog Options

  • About Blog Title (optional) – Adding content to this field will enable an additional sidebar block on your Blog listing page. The Blog Title will show as a header in that block.
  • About Blog Content (optional) – This will allow you to add “About” text to describe your blog to users on the blog sidebar block.
  • Number Of Posts To Load At Once – The number of blog posts you’d like to show by default on your blog listing page.
  • Show Author – Select the radio button to show or hide the names of your blog post authors.
  • Show Date – Select the radio button to show or hide the date your blog posts were published.
  • Show Categories – Select the radio button to show or hide your blog post’s Categories.
  • Show Tags – Select the radio button to show or hide your blog post’s Tags.
  • Truncate Blog Content – Select the radio button to show a blog post’s full content or only a preview on your blog listing page.
  • Branded Blog Widget Order – Change the listing order for your Branded Blog Feed.
  • Branded Blog Banner Image – Upload an image to display at the top of all blog posts.

Once your editing is complete, you’ll need to click the Update button on the top, right side under Publish to save your changes.

Save blog settings