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Every site on the base theme now has the ability to create sliders to add to the top of any page. This new plug-in allows you to create a slideshow of images and YouTube videos, and you can also add an external or internal link to any slider image. The slides will automatically advance, stop when playing a video, then resume when the video is paused.

 How To Use

1. Click Slider –> Add New Slider from the sidebar






2. Choose a title for your slider (it will not be seen by the user) and click Add Slider in the Slider menu







3. To add an image to your slider choose the correct radio button and click Add Image and choose or upload a file previously sized to 625px wide by 300px tall. You can include a caption if desired, and you have the option to have no link when you click the image, choosing an internal link to another page within your site (choose your page from the dropdown) or to link to an outside webpage (paste in your URL).


4. To edit or delete an image in a slide, rollover the image to reveal the pencil (to edit) or the X (to delete).


5. To add a YouTube video to your slider choose the correct radio button and paste in the video ID, which will be the letters and numbers after the ?v= in the URL.

AddSliderVideo6. You can drag to reorder your slides by rolling over the left side of the slide interface until the crosshairs appear, then grabbing and dragging the number. You can also add slides between and delete them by clicking the pluses and minuses on the right side. There is no way to recover a slide once the minus button has been clicked.


7. Once you have completed your slideshow click Publish on the right hand side. Open the page you’d like for the slideshow to appear and select your slideshow from the Page Slider dropdown. Publish or preview your page to view your slideshow.