Paste Text

If you copy and paste text from somewhere else (like an email or a webpage), you may discover that it does not always appear exactly as you would expect. If you use the Paste as text button then a special cleanup process will run to remove any special formatting and HTML tags that may otherwise change your text.

From the visual editor click on the show kitchen sink button:

Then click on the Paste as Text button:

Once clicked, a window appears where you can enter your text:

Checking the keep linebreaks box will preserve all HTML <br /> tags. Unchecking this option will remove them.

Copying from Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a good for producing documents to be shared or printed. As a web publishing tool, it can produce messy HTML. The same applies when using OpenOffice, or other word processors.

When text is pasted it initially looks fine:

But looking at the HTML code you can see that it is full of additional tagging information.

This could cause issues with the display of the post or page on your blog, and effect the general layout, as well.

If you decide that you still want to use Word then you should use the Word cleanup feature to remove all extraneous tags from your text. From the visual editor click on the show kitchen sink button:

Then click on the paste Word button:

A window will appear where you can paste your Word content.

Click insert and it will clean the content and insert it into your post.

Note: All your formatting (bold and italics) will be removed so any styles will need to be added in afterward.