Every site on the main theme can set a banner for the entire site.  Every page will have the image set as the banner, and it will appear just below the main, horizontal navigation.  The banner image should be 940px wide by 175px tall.  An image larger than that will be cropped down, proportionally, to 940px wide.  Do not use images that are taller than wide as they will not look good as banners.  See below for a good use of a banner.



How to use

1. Click “Site” settings in the left navigation

In the left navigation of the content management system, there is an item near the bottom labeled “{Your Site Name} Settings”. The text in the braces is dynamic; whatever the title of the site being edit is will be the text that shows.  In the case of this site, the button reads “Web Publishing Guide Settings”.

2. Add image

Click the “Add Image” button to bring up the default media interface.  Select your image, and then click select in the bottom right of the media interface.  Be sure to click “Save Options” in the far right when done.

3. Delete/change image

If the image needs to be changed, the image must first be deleted.  To delete the image from the banner, hover over the image, and a pencil and X icon will appear.  Click the X icon to remove the image.  Repeat step two to change the image.