Add a PDF

If you would like to add a new PDF to your site, first edit the page where you’d like to add the PDF. Then, place your cursor in the editing window where you would like the link to appear. Click the Upload Media button above the toolbar.

Click Upload Files to browse your computer for the PDF you’d like to upload. Select the PDF and click Upload.

After your PDF has uploaded, you will be able to edit the title to the right of the page. The title is what will appear as the link when you insert it into your page or post.


  1. Make sure the PDF has a readable title.
  2. Make sure Media File is selected in the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Insert into Post
  4. Add an icon or “(PDF)” after the link on your page or post to indicate to your user they are going to be downloading a PDF.

If you have previously uploaded a PDF and would like to insert it into your page, place your cursor where you’d like the link to go and click the Add Media icon.

.Click on Media Library.



Search or Browse to find your file you’d like to add, click the thumbnail so that there is a checkmark on it.



  1. Make sure your Title field reflects how you’d like your link to read.
  2. Select Media File from the “Link To” dropdown menu.
  3. Click the Insert into Post/Page button.