Insert an Image You’ve Already Uploaded

The following process describes inserting an image which already exists in your site’s Media Library.

1. Go to Posts -> Add New or Pages -> Add New, or open an existing post in editing mode.

Edit Page ‹ Website Demo — WordPress

2. Place your cursor where you would like the image to appear, and click on the Add an Image icon found in the Upload/Insert icon group directly above your editor.

3. Click on Media Library.

Edit Page ‹ Website Demo — WordPress-2

4. Locate the image you wish to insert and click its thumbnail.

Edit Page ‹ Website Demo — WordPress-3

5.  You will be able to edit some of the image’s settings before inserting it into the post/page on the right of your screen. Note that the fields will already be populated if you previously added the information when you uploaded your image to the media library.

6. When finished choosing your image settings, click Insert into Post at the bottom.