Edit Image Settings

From the Media Library

1. You can modify a few settings for your images directly from your media library, which can be accessed from within your dashboard via Media -> Library on the left menu.

2. Once in your site’s Media Library, you can hover your pointer over any of the images and choose the Edit option that appears (you can also simply click on the image’s title).

You will now have the ability to edit some of the image’s settings, as shown below.

Edit Media ‹ Website Demo — WordPress

Title – Image title to be displayed as a tooltip (when a mouse is hovered over the image).

Caption – Image caption to be displayed when using captions (will also display as the alternate text).

Description – Full image description.

File URL – This is the location of your image. Note that it cannot be modified.

After you modify any of the settings, make sure to click the Update Media button to save your changes.

From Within Posts

As well as being able to set the size of an image from the image settings you can also edit the image directly within your page. To do this click on an image in the visual editor and select the configure button:

A window will appear, giving you different fields to edit:

Clicking on a percentage will scale the image to that percent. The preview area to the right will size accordingly to show you the effect of the resize.

Also along the top is an Advanced Settings tab which, when clicked, will display this:

  • Source – The actual URL for the image in case you want full control over parameters
  • Size – Exact control over width and height, with the option to reset to the image’s original values.
  • Image properties – Thickness of border (in pixels), vertical space (in pixels), and horizontal space (in pixels).
  • Title – Image title to be displayed as a tooltip.